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What Objects Shouldn't You Pressure Wash?

What objects shouldnt you pressure wash

Pressure washing is a great way to maintain your outdoor surfaces. However, with more fragile surfaces, pressure washing isn't the best option. And it can be hard to know which surfaces can be pressure washed and which can't.

Here are a few surfaces you shouldn't pressure wash.


When you pressure wash asphalt roofing, you're running the risk of scraping the granules off your roofing. This destroys the roofing tiles that are protecting your roof, leaving your roof exposed.

While this damage might not be immediately noticeable, it still ends up reducing the lifespan of your roof by years. To extend the lifespan of your roof, and avoid damages that come with pressure washing, consider having a professional soft washing company come in and soft wash your roof.

Roof cleaning protects your roof from damages pressure washing can cause and helps to extend the lifespan of your roof.


Vinyl siding is especially vulnerable to pressure washing. Pressure washing isn't productive when used on softer surfaces, like roofing or siding. By pressure washing your siding, you're exposing your siding to damages.

Pressure washing your siding can crack your siding. But there are other dangers as well. Using this technique on your siding can cause water to build up in your walls. High water pressures can cause water to shoot between the siding and into the walls of your home, which can result in molding and water damage to your walls or roof.

To keep your siding in the best shape possible, it's a good idea to invest in a professional soft washing instead of a pressure washing. A professional soft washing company will come in and clean your house with gentler water pressures and eco-friendly chemicals to ensure your home isn't damaged through the cleaning process.


Pressure washing is a great option for harder woods when the pressure is at a lower setting. But softwoods don't hold up to pressure washing as well as hardwoods.

Not only can pressure washing damage softwood by causing breakage or splintering, but it can also cause structural issues with siding or decks. Avoiding pressure washing on softwood surfaces is the best option to avoid costly repairs.

Call Professional Soft Washing For Soft Surfaces

Soft surfaces are particularly susceptible to damage when pressure washing is involved. Instead of using pressure washing on these surfaces, it's best to invest in a professional soft washing company.

Riverside Exterior Cleaning provides professional soft washing for your roof and home, ensuring you're getting the best service possible. We assess each cleaning project on a case-by-case basis, ensuring you're getting the best service possible no matter which project you're engaging in.

If you're ready to set up a soft washing appointment for your softer surfaces, call us today to set up an appointment.

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